The Issues Categories are a progressively expanding resource of real experiences that people can download.  If you have a new subject within an issue category, we will add it to the list.


Weight control, a birth defect or condition, embarrassing physical issue, tattoos or body markings, obsessed about appearance or body shape, plastic surgery, being too short, tall, big or small, accidents affecting appearance, not beautiful enough, not handsome enough.


Achieving a health or sporting goal, losing, gaining weight, muscle mass or condition, operations, amputations, paraplegic, coping with a disease, fertility issues, changes such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause, growing old, injury etc.


Multiculturalism, communication, parental approval, sexual issues, dangerous attraction, racism, new romance, maintaining the romance, being single, dealing with separation and divorce, sexual orientation, pornography, affairs, first love, first breakup, jealousy, abuse etc.


Lack of cash, too much competition, working too hard, not enough sales, bankruptcy, debt, distribution or supply issues, labour problems, boss problems, team performance, adapting to change, succession issues, negotiations, bullying, work life balance, intimidation, partnership or board relationship issues, major acquisitions, takeovers, hiring, firing, reducing costs etc


Birth, babies, toddlers, teenagers, when they leave home, discipline, communication, multiculturalism, homework, my child’s future, my future without them, identity issues,
death of a loved one etc.


These could be a mental health issues such as depression, bi polar, or any addiction.  They also include procrastination, lack of motivation, a criminal conviction, education, sexuality, overspending, debt, sex, isolation, bullying at school or the workplace, redundancy, unemployment, death of a loved one etc.

Personal Performance

Achieving a difficult goal, mind over matter, sporting achievements in VFL, AFL, netball, swimming, rugby, basketball, cricket or any other sport or event, returning from injury, overcoming disappointment etc